Optimize The Visitor Experience

Break Down Silos, Create Experiences

The old model of Advertise, Advertise, Advertise is broken. The best form of advertising is a satisfied visitor. It’s time to develop an EXPERIENCE STRATEGY of continuous improvement that ensures repeat visits and referrals. Because:

A Quality Visitor Experience = $ More Visitors $ More Spending $ More Return Intentions

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What We Do

The Destinations International Foundation Adds The EXPERIENCE Institute as a Partner

As part of its ongoing commitment to provide research, education, advocacy, and leadership development to destinations, the Destinations International Foundation has named The EXPERIENCE Institute® (TEI) as a partner.

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What We Do

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Using TEI's tools, see how Experience Columbus and the Greater Columbus Sports Commission have succeeded in breaking down silos and working cross-sector to implement visitor-centric initiatives.

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What We Do

Read the Vision for Continuous Improvement

With today's consumer in charge, destinations must focus on a vision that involves continuous, strategic improvement to the Visitor Experience. You can never stop improving the experience.

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Experience Dedicated® Destination

You’ve done the self-assessment, strategic planning, and updated your branding efforts. Now it’s time to take action on things that matter to visitors. And, create a pathway to repeat visits and referrals. What’s next? It’s EDD.

Our Experience Dedicated® Destination (EDD – We are Ed) program is gaining traction among destination organizations looking to engage and activate their stakeholder communities. Columbus has parlayed EDD into award-winning visitor experience ratings; check out the video they produced for their fourth year EDD celebration attended by over 200 stakeholders. Silos have disappeared and they’re coming on strong.

Understand Your Visitor Segments

Meaningful Metrics

Most snapshot research tells you what you want to know rather than what you need to know. And while “capturing visitor information” is a good start, very few destinations have data relative to the Total Visitor Experience.

To fill this void, TEI devoted 2,000 hours of primary research to define consumer-driven standards and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) upon which destinations can measure their progress. Whether it’s once a week or once a year, you can know with confidence: "Are we moving the needle?"

Meaningful metrics are being used by destination stakeholders to prioritize resources and take action on 'things that matter' to visitors. Exactly where the focus should be!


Decision to Attend Study: Maximizing Attendance

Today's prospective attendees may decide to attend, or not. The DESTINATION EXPERIENCE is the second highest attendance driver. This report is chock full of insight to help you strategically MAXIMIZE ATTENDANCE.



Attendee Experience Report

Attendees are visitors too! Learn how your destination is doing against a blind, aggregate Index of other destinations. Gain insight on Attendees' Pre & Post Image Perceptions; Return Intentions; Recommend Intentions; and More!

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Deliver Better Experiences

Product Infrastructure & People Infrastructure

Many destinations are single-focused on their 'Product Infrastructure', because it will entice visitors to come. But, what's often missing is a simultaneous focus on the 'People Infrastructure' ; the numerous encounters that will 'make or break' your destination's image and word-of-mouth.

That's why TEI's sister companies are dedicated to helping destinations build a knowledgeable, engaged frontline that delivers upon the brand promise. With a proven track record in aligning community stakeholders and the front-line to reinforce the destination's brand, powerful community pride and brand immersion is achieved. Residents learn that visitors are not the enemy — they fuel quality-of-life that would most likely not be present without them. Once you've gained strong community alignment, you can achieve anything.